Tips for Applying for Federal Employment by the Export-Import Bank

Here is an amazing step-by-step guide offered by the Export-Import Bank within the organization’s Career section.


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Colorado Free University

Introduction to Finding Federal Employment

The federal government has over 250 agencies in Denver and hires people from an amazing variety of occupations and backgrounds. It’s also known to provide terrific benefits and opportunities once you are “in.” But getting hired can be a confusing and bureaucratic process that this seminar can help you demystify. Gain an overview of the federal employment landscape and see where you might fit in. Class covers where to look for openings, job categories, and how to format a federally-centric resume. Katherine Roth, MBA, spent several years figuring out how to break into the federal workforce. Learn from both her anecdotes and experience the best practices and routes to securing a federal job in the shortest amount of time. Katherine has worked for several federal agencies and remains employed with the federal government in Colorado.



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Federal Employment

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